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Recent Discoveries in Physics that the Natural Philosophy Alliance Should Support

Martin M?ller
Year: 2008

Up to 12 items of present day teachings in theoretical physics, worldwide, are reconsidered and tested as to their truth. And all of them fail to pass the test. Corrections will briefly be explained. The items are:

  1. Universal creation by one "Big Bang"
  2. Solar systems creation from "dark matter"
  3. Circling of electrons in atoms
  4. Neutron as an elementary particle
  5. The structure of neutrinos
  6. Sizes of atom nuclei
  7. Group velocity / delay
  8. A missing 5th Maxwell equation
  9. Nuclear forces other than electromagnetism
  10. Nonsense taught by Heisenberg
  11. Nonsense taught by Feynman
  12. Nonsense taught by Gell-Mann

Personal data about the author will be mentioned (Appendix).