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Optical Tests of Bell's Inequalities Closing the Poor Correlation Loophole

Susana F. Huelga
Year: 1994
Keywords: optical tests, Bell's inequalities, poor correlation loophole, quantum mechanics, atomic decay, photodetectors
The existence of local-hidden-variable (LHV) models for the optical tests of Bell's inequality which agrees with Quantum Mechanics (QM) for all measurable quantities, even in the domain of ideal apparatuses, proves that such tests are not suitable in order to discriminate between QM and the whole family of LHV theories. The existence of the models rests upon the poor angular correlation between the photon pairs emitted in an atomic decay. Here we propose a new experiment that would block this loophole, that is, LHV models for these experiments would not be possible, except relying on the low efficiency of presently available photodetectors.