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Experiments with Entangled Two-Photon States From Type-H Parametric Down Conversion: Evidence for Wave-Particle Duality

Carroll O. Alley
T. E. Kiess
A. V. Sergienko
Yanhua H. Shih
Year: 1994
Keywords: entangled two-photon states, Type-H parametric down conversion, wave-particle duality
Although the abstract rules of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory seem to be able to describe the results of quantum optics experiments, it would be highly desirable to comprehend what is actually "going on" in terms of a physical picture of quantum phenomena. Actual experimental realizations in a single manner of correlation of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-Bohm type predicted for entabgled two-photon states can focus attention on this "conceptual incompleteness" of quantum mechanics.