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The Contemporary Aether

Harold Aspden
Year: 1996
Keywords: Aether
Although 20th century scientific philosophy has sought to banish the aether and outlaw it from our modern civilization, that effort has failed. The great contributions of philosophers of earlier centuries, giving us recognition of the aether, and notably Rene Descartes, live on, notwithstanding acceptance of the four-space notions of the theory of relativity. The aether remains the essential fabric of space, the canvas on which Nature has painted the glorious picture of the world and the universe we see around us. This paper will simply point to one scientific phenomenon which reveals a direct manifestation of the aether and shows us ho to tap into its power. This paper also provides a bibliographic listing of this author's 20th century discoveries concerning the aether, this being research which has been published in spite of the opposition by those who prefer to accept the virtual reality images which stem from Einstein's doctrines. The key property of the real aether isits universal rhythm, its universal time keeping, as enforced by a phase-lock between its quantum properties. This property is manifested by aether in rotation because the phase-lock involves one-way energy transfer from aether to matter in company with an electric charge induction by rotation, neither of shich feature in Einstein's vision of properties of space.