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Zero Point Energy and the Dirac Equation

Hossein Javadi
Year: 2007 Pages: 15
Keywords: Zero Point Energy, ZPE, Dirac Equation, Hawking radiation, graviton, photon, pair production, color-charge, magnetism color, photon, vacuum, Higgs

Zero Point Energy (ZPE) describes the random electromagnetic oscillations that are left in the vacuum after all other energy has been removed. One way to explain this is by means of the uncertainty principle of quantum physics, which implies that it is impossible to have a zero energy condition.

In this article, the ZPE is explained by using a novel description of the graviton. This is based on the behavior of photons in a gravitational field, leading to a new definition of the graviton. In effect, gravitons behave as if they have charge and magnetic effects.

These are referred to as negative color charge, positive color charge and magnetic color. From this, it can be shown that a photon is made of color charges and magnetic color. This definition of the structure of a photon then leads to an explanation of how the vacuum produces Zero Point Energy (ZPE).