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What Does the Lorentz Force Have to do with Maxwell?s Equations?

Georg Galeczki
Year: 1998
Keywords: Lorentz Force, Maxwell?s Equations, Lorentz force; Maxwell equations; Special relativity irrelevance; Hall effect; Lorentz electron microscope
The Lorentz force has nothing, either mathematically or physically, to do with Maxwell?s field equa-tions. Properly written FL = q(E(1) + v x B(2)), the Lorentz force is just a phenomenological expression allowing one to describe (parametrically) the motion of a charged particle in the external fields E(1) and B(2) originating from independent sources belonging to different, decoupled systems. Electrodynamics can be built starting from a force-law between moving charges, without separately postulating field equations. There is no need for a ?special? relativity theory.