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The Real Meaning of Special Relativity

Yuri N. Keilman
Year: 2009 Pages: 3
Einstein's Special Relativity (SR) is the biggest advance of the 20th century in theoretical physics. Let us say Einstein hit the gold. A. Einstein was a talented physicist, but he also had a talent in how to hide the gold to prevent it from being stolen. He elaborately misrepresented the discovery so that even today nobody really understands its true meaning. And I mean it. Even the people on the top of the mainstream theoretical physics, who acquired an excellent mathematical background, do believe that SR is not a classical theory, that it uncovers a symmetry called ?Lorentz invariance?, and to go forward one has to look for another possible symmetry/invariance in physics. Notice that contemporary theory of elementary particles is based on symmetry groups considerations. It is taken from the Lorentz invariance idea. No wonder that the opposition to mainstream with lower math background does not understand SR either.