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Origami and the Redefinition of the Four Fundamental Forces

Robert J. Heaston
Year: 2006
Keywords: origami, Lagrangian
It is possible to generate a log force versus log distance plot to scale by folding a piece of paper a la the Japanese art of origami. No measuring device is needed and any piece of paper may be used. The edges of the paper, the creases, and the intersections of the creases map mathematical equations. The origami approach has a number of distinct features. Results are visually displayed. Assumptions must be stated with each fold. The scale is automatically defined by the folding. Derivations are always bounded. The connectivity of relationships is guaranteed. Some concepts are more easily demonstrated by this origami process than any other way: redefinition of the four fundamental forces; convergence of different forces on the Planck scale and the superforce; identification of different number coincidences; and the unexpected relationship between the gravitational force and the experimentally measured strong/color force. Conditions will be defined where the origami is identical with a Lagrangian over the world in the standard model. The talk will proceed step-by-step through the origami folding process.