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Structure Formation in the Early Big-Bang Universe? Deep & Ultra Deep Fields Say No!

Billie Westergard
Year: 2005
Keywords: Big Bang, Hubble Deep Field
The decoupling of matter from radiation occurred about 380 million years after the start of the Big Bang at a temperature of about 3500 degrees K. At some time after the decoupling of matter from radiation, the Big Bang consisted of a hot, expanding, homogeneous, and isotropic volume of space containing only Hydrogen and Helium, with no dust. Nothing. No stars, no black holes, no galaxies, nothing, except Hydrogen and Helium. In such an environment there is absolutely no way to initiate gravitational collapse of the gas to form structures. However, the Hubble Deep Field photographs show galaxies and clusters of galaxies that have already formed just 400 million years after decoupling. Now we have the Hubble Ultra Deep Field photographs that show galaxies and clusters of galaxies that are already formed just 200 million years after decoupling and it is thought that the actual formation took place about 100 million years after decoupling. What logical conclusion can be derived from the Hubble Deep Fields?

This paper is aka \"Structure Formation in the Early Universe and the Hubble Deep Fields\".