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Twisting & Untwisting Of Spirals Of Ether And Fractal Vortices Connecting Dynamic Ethers

Chiharu Sano
Year: 2001
Keywords: Twisting, Spiral, Ether, Fractal, Vortex, Dynamic Ether
Based on Newton's original 3rd law of action/reaction (newly rediscovered of its importance by Anatoly P. Smirnov of Russian Academy of Sciences) that modeled screws and jacks according to the words of Newton himself, the author announced two years ago that all elementary particles have spiral structures, and ether is made up of hidden electron-positron pairs, where the electron has outer clockwise wound electromagnetic spiral plus inner anti-clockwise wound mass spiral and the positron has outer anti-clockwise electromagnetic spiral plus inner clockwise wound mass spiral respectively. Actions/reactions are transmitted between actors and reactors by parallel or perpendicular clutching of the rotating chains of electromagnetic spirals of the hidden electrons and positrons of ether, whereas the interacting actor and reactor are tied by the chain of mass spiral of the hidden electron-positron pairs constituting the ether. Generally speaking, a clockwise-wound spiral sends out a clockwise-rotational action in the form of the clockwise rotating chain of the hidden electron-positron pairs of vacuum ether, whereas an anticlockwise-wound spiral sends out an anticlockwise-rotational action in the form of the anticlockwise rotating chain of the hidden electron-positron pairs of vacuum ether. The radius of the outer electromagnetic spiral may change but the gradient of the electromagnetic spirals is always kept in order to allow perpendicular clutching between electric field and magnetic field, whereas the very small radius of the mass spiral is always kept constant and the tied mass spiral twists and untwists, which determines the location where the actor or the reactor is found at a certain moment of time. This modeling of electromagnetic and mass spirals is in conformity with the presence of the variables of both force and velocity in . When we interpret the force and the velocity as the rotational force and the rotational velocity of the acting/reacting spirals, the equation is demonstrated to be precisely correct even for the remote action/reaction via gravitational, electric, and magnetic field, whereas in the case of remote action/reaction, is demonstrated to be right in the longitudinal direction. The reason why the constituents of vacuum ether are electrons and positrons is based on the experimentally observed fact that a real electron and a real positron are born out of the vacuum ether, when a light beam passes quite close to an atomic nucleus, even closer than the orbital electrons, whereas an electron and a positron, when combined, entirely disappear into the vacuum, leaving no mass behind and emitting only electromagnetic wave gamma-ray, which should be a surge caused by thrusting the newly born hidden electron-positron pair into the compact ocean of hidden electron-positron pairs. In my model of screw-structured particles which denies Minkowski's 4-dimensional space-time allowing the time coordinate to have the equal right as the other three space coordinates, the spatial distance does neither get compressed nor stretched, but the physical time can be compressed or stretched in comparison with the absolute mathematical time. When the velocity of rotation (the distance for which the screw of a particle rolls along) equal to or depending respectively on the anticlockwise rotating action emitted by an antiparticle or on clockwise rotating action emitted by a particle, changes, then the radius of the particle/antiparticle changes inversely proportional to the summed up frequency or respectively, which twists or untwists the mass spiral of particles/antiparticles, that is, increases or decreases the mass proportional to or , in such a manner that .
What I propose as a very important source of new energy is the rotational force (rather than longitudinal forces) in time of interaction between particles, because as I demonstrated, rotational forces in time of interaction are incomparably much bigger than longitudinal forces. Energy extraction from rotational forces will be realized by Moebius band circuit that, acting from the perpendicular direction, makes an electron and an electron "pull" each other as close as possible, while the electrons, sending rotational actions to each other, will rotate at an extreme speed with extreme forces. And the direction in which the energy will best be taken out of vacuum ether will be along the snail-like vortices inscribing the fractal series of rectangles having the two sides in golden ratio.