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A New Paradigm for Time - Evidence from Empirical and Esoteric Sources

Donald Reed
Year: 2001
Keywords: Time
The following essay seeks to establish awareness, by a far-ranging careful examination of various empirically documented anomalous research results in the field of new energy, the long-suspected evidence presented by associated key legendary secret government project work, maverick new theoretical models in foundational physics for fundamental particles/electromagnetic wave-field structures, as well as remarkably corroborative related information from esoteric (psychically channeled) sources, of the necessity for the development of a new paradigm for mass, energy, and especially time. After having been guided through this process, the reader will hopefully be motivated to acknowledge the importance of this imperative in order to bring about a fresh understanding of the workings of nature, as well as gain new hints for the associated future breakthroughs for the development of viable sustainable energy sources and related technologies.