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Universal Laws, Keely's Secrets, and Atlin

Dale Pond
Year: 2001
Keywords: Universal Laws, John Keely, Atlin
"The sympathetic vibratory force discovered by Keely will be quite sufficient to make him the greatest discoverer of this age." - H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, 1888.

"The science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations." - Rudolph Steiner, 1913.

Delta Spectrum Research is dedicated to publishing and promoting the research and results of John Ernst Worrell Keely. His research that begun in the 1870's has been generally ignored by the orthodox educational schools since then, and many of his secrets remain secret today.

Keely wrote about and demonstrated many laws, including:

  • The Law of Force: "Energy manifests itself in three forms: Creative, the vibrating aggregate; Transmissive, being the propagation of isochronous waves through the media in which it is immersed; Attractive, being its action upon other aggregates capable of vibrating in unisons or harmony."
  • The Law of Sympathetic Vibration: "The driving of a mechanical or acoustical system at its resonant frequency by energy from an adjacent system vibrating at the same frequency."

Once the two objects are in rhythmical motion, caused by sympathy of vibration, they are said to be in resonance or resonating together. In other words, they vibrate as one. From the above we can safely say that resonance is brought about through and by way of sympathy.

Keely said regarding The Basis of a New Science:

"The newly discovered forces, and laws governing all forces, make possible the processes herein described. Scientific investigations no longer consist in a blind groping after facts; an untried chemical combination can now be planned and its results predicted. Synthetical operations covering the entire domain of organic chemistry can be worked according to simple rules and methods deducible from these newly discovered laws and by the aid of these, to us, new forces. With a knowledge of these facts it is possible for man to work a wondrous change in his methods of manipulating matter."

A history of Keely's work and results is documented in the book: "Universal Laws Never Before Revealed: Keely's Secrets". Information from Keely's work and other sources has been used to reconstruct a "dynasphere" or vibratory globe, with very unexpected and unusual results. The history of this work is documented in the another book, including Atlin, titled "I Am".