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New Energy Devices That Will Change The World

Hal Fox
Year: 2001
Keywords: New Energy

After twelve years of searching the world for new-energy devices that have a strong commercial potential, four have been identified. Four new-energy devices will be discussed. These four are:

  1. High-density charge cluster technology which was first discovered by Kenneth Shoulders (USA) and later found by three other independent scientists.
  2. Dr. Randell Mills discovery of collapsing the hydrogen atom below its ground state.
  3. The Koldamasov device from Russia that vibrates a mix of light and heavy water through a special dielectric material to produce more thermal energy than used to power the oscillator.
  4. A solid state (magnetic and inductive) device by Tom Bearden, et al., that is reported to produce five times as much energy out as input energy.

The source of the excess energy is cited as being from zero-point energy for items I and 4. Item 2 is chemical energy by definition and item 3 is reported to be from benign nuclear reactions.