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A Review Of High-Density Charge Clusters

Hal Fox
Year: 2001
Keywords: Charge Clusters

The greatest scientific discovery of the 20th Century is the multiple, independent discovery of high-density electron charge clusters (HDCC) and their uses. The HDCC technology has been independently discovered and advanced by Shoulders and Gleeson in the U.S.; by Alexander Llyanok in Belarus; by Mesyats and Baraboshkin in Ekaterinburg, Russia; and apparently by Oleg V. Gritskevitch in Vladivostok, Russia. Charge clusters are developed in low pressure gases, in the atmosphere, and in liquids under special conditions. The progress of HDCC is reviewed, the sources cited, and the future projected.

This paper aka "A Summary of The Latest Developments Of High-Density, Charge-Cluster Technology".