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Non-Darwinian Intraspecies Evolution

Rati Ram Sharma
Year: 2009 Pages: 3
Keywords: Darwin, Non-Darwinian, Interspecies evolution, Intraspecies evolution, Ape
The 'genome organization' is not random but follows two guiding principles. The 'gene inclusion principle' decides on the inclusion of permanent genes, which determine and specify various species. These are the 'central' genes, which every one and all members of a species have in fixed positions unchangeably. According to the 'gene exclusion principle', however, no two of the billions of members of a species can have the same identical 'gene group' in the given position(s). The vestigial organs arose from the corresponding normal genetic expressions rather than from the lack of their use or utility. Man never had a tail and will never lose the unutilized pubic & axillary hairs because his genome so provides. The present man has not descended from the ape through Darwinian interspecies evolution but from primitive man himself through intraspecies evolution.