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Faraday Pressure and Energy Conservation

Stewart Ian Wells
Year: 2009 Pages: 13
This sequel to 'Dual Dilemma from Faraday's Law' is an explication of the underlying principles of electrodynamics as they pertain to the classical conservation laws. Specifically, the analysis follows the seeming non-conservation of angular momentum resulting from counter-torque applied to a charged wheel by an induced electric field circulation, while simultaneously answering the need for energy conservation. In this context, a magnetic ?field pressure' is introduced to account for work demands on mechanical sources in electrodynamic systems. The problem of radiation from accelerated charges is also critically examined, and new formulations are derived to describe the phenomenon. The problem of the seeming non-compliance of the Lorentz force with the third law of motion is resolved, and the paper concludes with a brief refutation of the notion of ?field momentum'.