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The Top 50 Problems with the Big Bang

Tom Van Flandern
Year: 2005
Keywords: Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy
The Big Bang theory has never achieved a true prediction success in a situation where the theory was placed at risk of falsification before the results were known. It is instead a series of accommodations of existing observations aided by a variety of ad hoc helper hypotheses, the best known of which are ?dark matter? and ?dark energy?. A decade ago, a list of the top 10 problems with the theory seemed to encapsulate the situation. Since then, the list has had to be expanded twice. It should now be evident to objective minds that nothing about the Universe interpreted with the Big Bang theory is necessarily right, not even the most basic idea in it; namely, that the Universe is expanding. There are four major and many more minor replacement models that should be seriously considered. To get this message to the astronomical community, we are looking for additional authors and their associated institutions to put out a joint communiqu? in a major journal summarizing these points.