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Manipulating the Vacuum Scalar Field with Superconductors: A Search for Exotic Material

Glen A. Robertson
Year: 2005 Pages: 8
Many theoretical papers refer to the need to create exotic materials with average negative energies for the formation of space propulsion anomalies such as "wormholes" and "warp drives." However, little hope is given for the existence of such material to resolve its creation. Non-minimally coupled scalar fields to gravity appear to be the current direction mathematically. Here, the Ginzburg-Landau (GL) scalar field associated with the type II superconductor is discussed as a medium for producing interactions among energy fluctuations, cosmological scalar fields, and gravity during rapid phase transition on a scale of laboratory apparatus. The study of GL fields in superconductor could possibly lead to a source for generating exotic material. An underlying objective of this paper is to show that the approach to new space propulsion engine cycles based on gravitational disturbances cross many scientific boundaries; cosmology, high energy physics, and superconductivity to name a few. These scientific communities are separate and independent, which suggests that a new area within the science community needs to be established before applicable experimentation can creditably proceed.