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From Relativistic Paradoxes to Absolute Space and Time Physics

Horst E. Wilhelm
Year: 1994
Keywords: relativistic paradoxes, absolute space and time physics, velocities, electrodynamic wave, ether
Contradicting Maxwell, Larmor, Heaviside, Hertz and others, Voigt (1887), Lorentz (1904) and Einstein (1905) introduced the hypothesis that Maxwell\'s equations and the electromagnetic (EM) wave equations hold in this form not only in the ether frame So (0) but in all other inertial frames (IF) S(w) with ether velocities w [] 0, too. This proposition is physically equivalent to the questionable assumptions: (i) an EM wave carrier or ether (vacuum substratum) does not exist, (j) the velocity of a light signal has the same value c in all IFs, and (k) electrodynamic phenomena are relative to the observer (nonexistence of a preferred or substratum frame So).