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Dynamics of Black Holes and Structure Formation in the Hotson - Westergard Universe Model

Billie Westergard
Year: 2009 Pages: 40
Keywords: Angular Momentum, Antimatter, Black Holes, Beta Decay, BEC, Bose-Einstein Condensate, Degenerate matter, Degenerate Hydrogen Well, Dirac?s Equation, Galaxy Harmonics, General Relativity, Gravitation,
The theory of the object known in general relativity as a Black Hole is not fully worked out and remains a source of various controversies. This paper shows that true black holes do not exist in nature due to forces that prevent the formation of singularities and event horizons. A reconstruction of the derivation of the Einstein field equations of general relativity shows that a force causes a phase-change transition from matter to energy near the Planck scale. This phase-change is the cause of an ejection process from the nuclear region of galaxies and ultimately results in the formation of gas, dust, stars, and other structures throughout the Universe.