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Implications of Infinite Current Densities at Idealized DC Generator Poles

Jan Olof Jonson
Year: 2008 Pages: 4
The discovery of the necessity of infinite current densities at idealized DC generator poles needs search for applications, among others cold fusion. A mathematical proof has been made elsewhere predicting the appearance of infinite current densities in the vicinity of idealized DC generator poles with a vanishing linear extension. The discovery was made, as a complete DC circuit was being analyzed mathematically as a part of the analysis of experimental results with Ampere's bridge in the 1980s. The author has proposed that the research upon among others cold fusion would benefit from the discovery, as very high energy densities will be needed in order to achieve fusion, and this will happen in an electric circuit, too, provided the current density is high enough. Since no reactions have been observed thus far with respect to the publication of the discovery, it seems necessary to emphasize this discovery again through a special paper, focusing solely upon the analysis of a DC source. More generally, the discovery will be of great use within all calculations of electromagnetic forces involving a DC generator, or a discharging capacitor, as well.