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On the Observations with Coupled Telescopes by Spavieri and Bergmaschi

Jozef S. Wilczynski
Year: 1993
Keywords: Coupled Telescopes, Spavieri, Bergmaschi

The experiment with starlight by Spavieri and Bergamachi is considered within the framework of classical physics. Three effects are used:

  1. aberration insode the telescope;
  2. deflection effects at reflection from a moving mirror fixed in fron to telescope A; and
  3. changing of the orientation of the normal to the mirror by the angle ? which causes the reflected light beam to also change by angle 2?.

The image of a star can have different positions and distances relative to the focus of telescope A. With the help of the second arrangement, we can already measure the aberration of starlight in one single observation. This effect is a finction of the instrument's speed relative only to the Sun.