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Beyond Consciousness to Cosmos�Beyond Relativity and Quantum Theory to Cosmic Theory

Henry H. Lindner
Year: 2002 Pages: 10
Keywords: relativity
Albert Einstein was a subjectivistic mathematical idealist. His physics consisted of mathematical models of the subject\'s ideas�his sensations and measurements. Einstein\'s �objective reality� was intersubjective reality�the experiences about which various observers could agree. His �causes� were mental constructs created to systematize the observers\' experiences. He modeled reality as it was experienced and thought, not as it was. He modeled consciousness, not the Cosmos. If we want to understand the Cosmos as it is, as a physical system from which we and our consciousness evolved, we must build upon a different philosophical foundation. We must create hypotheses and theories about what exists and how it interacts with our minds and our instruments. We must reach beyond consciousness to Cosmos, beyond Relativity and Quantum Theory to Cosmic theory.