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Turning Back to Coulomb's Law as a Basis for Electromagnetism

Jan Olof Jonson
Year: 2008 Pages: 13
Successful falsifications of today's electromagnetic theory pave the way for a 'back to the basics' approach through turning back to coulomb's law as a basis for electromagnetism. In this paper a number of apparently disparate discoveries within electromagnetism and related subjects are brought together into a coherent context. The intent is to gain momentum for a new electromagnetic field theory, based upon Coulomb's original force law of 1785. Throughout the paper it is repeatedly given support to the assumption that Coulomb's law is able to give credit to phenomena, which have thus far been explained using either new or completing laws. The first -and simultaneously most crucial - issue is that of the potential functions used in order to derive the electromagnetic fields used today, often called the Lienard-Wiechert potentials. Referring to an earlier paper it is shown that these potentials have regrettably been fallaciously derived. The issue is crucial, since if the potentials are false, the rest of the electromagnetic theory must accordingly be rejected, due to its formal dependence of the former. Reference is also being made to earlier results with Ampere's bridge, refuting the Lorentz force, simultaneously giving credit to Coulomb's law. Also electromagnetic induction can be explained using Coulomb's law instead of the 'Induction law'. The fourth issue is that of 'photons'. Using again Coulomb's law, it is possible to classically explain the "wave-particle paradox". A fifth issue is that of gravity. It is discussed, whether gravity might be able to explain as an electromagnetic effect.