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Some Fundamental, Open, Mathematical Problems at the Turn of the Second Millenium

Ruggero Maria Santilli
Year: 1997
Keywords: Mathematics
Some (but not all) of the major problems facing mathematics and physics at this time are: (1) Development of a new mathematics to accompany the new physics; (2) Problematic aspects of Einsteinian theories for the exterior dynamical problem in vacuum; (3) Lack of applicability of Einsteinian theories for interior dynamical problems within physical media; (4) Development of the "new physics of antimatter"; and (5) the greatest challenge for the next millennium) to represent the ether In a quantitative form consistent with experimental evidence. Our development of the new mathematics mentioned above has been carried out precisely to facilitate such study of the ether. Our group, the Institute for Basic Research, is working on all these problems and is anxious to collaborate with others in such work.