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Conflict of Atomism and Creationism in History

David L. Bergman
Year: 1998
Keywords: Atomism, Creationism, History of Science
IVth International Conference on Creationism, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1998). The underlying worldview assumptions of creationism are centered in , and - logical assumptions that came to be imbedded in science and the scientific method. Creationism has been opposed by atomism since Epicurus (342-270 B.C.) asserted that random events occur in matter. The early atomists developed a theory of matter to support a pantheistic worldview; in modern science, atomistic assumptions are implemented into current theories of matter, forces and cosmology. Recently, creationists have returned to the logical basis of science and developed physical models of elementary particles and atoms for a basic theory of matter. Numerous illustrations show how creationist worldview assumptions lead to superior explanations of the structure of matter and the nature of forces on objects.