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Relativitistic Gravitational Red Shifts Confusions: Harvard\'s Pound Rebka Confusion of an Experiment

Joe Alexander Nahhas
Year: 1977 Pages: 1
Keywords: Pound, Rebka, Hravard, Relativistic, gravitational, red, shift
Projected Light/Electromagnetic spectrum aberration effects along the line of sight round trip total of 22.6 meters inside Harvard Davis Lab roof to basement in 1959 and it measuremnt of  5.0+/-0.5 x10^-15 saying that the Harvard prefessors can tell the differenece of a signal that ocillates a million billion times a second [10^15 = 1,000,000x1,000,000,000] and a signal that ocillates a million billion times a second plus 5 more turns? They have no proof of that! They said it and claim Geneous work to prove but I am not a member of the scientifically ignorat United States Cogress to beleieve such crap