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Unification of Physics

Ken H. Seto
Year: 2005 Pages: 22
Keywords: absolute motion, Model Mechanics, General Relativity, Inflation, E-Matrix

A new model of our Universe, called Model Mechanics (MM), has been formulated. Model Mechanics provides solutions to the following problematic cosmological observations:

  1. It was discovered in 1998 that far reached regions of the Universe are in a state of accelerated expansion. This discovery disagrees with the current theory of gravity (General Relativity Theory), which posits that the expansion of the Universe should be slowing down. Model Mechanics predicted the accelerated expansion of these far reached regions of the universe in 1993.
  2. The observed rotational curves of the galaxies disagree with the predictions of GRT. The existence of a dark matter was introduced to explain these anomalous rotational curves. Model Mechanics posits the existence of dark matter in the form of free S-Particles.
  3. The observed path of travel of the Pioneer 10 spacecraft disagrees with the predicted path given by GRT. Pioneer 10 was observed to be in a state of accelerated motion toward the Sun. Model Mechanics explains the anomalous path of Pioneer 10 by the existence of dark matter in the form of free S-Particles in the Sun.
  4. The observable universe appears to have a larger horizon than it is allowed by its age. An ad hoc hypothesis called Inflation was invented to overcome the observed horizon problem. The inflation hypothesis allows space to expand at speed faster than that of light and thus avoiding the observed horizon problem. Model Mechanics resolved the horizon problem naturally without resorting to the Inflation hypothesis.

Model Mechanics leads to a new theory of gravity called Doppler Theory of Gravity (DTG) and unites gravity with the electromagnetic and nuclear forces naturally. It also leads to a complete theory of relativity called IRT (Improved Relativity Theory). IRT includes SRT as a subset. However, unlike SRT, the equations of IRT are valid in all environments?including gravity. Model Mechanics is based on the existence of absolute motion of objects in a stationary and structured light-conducting medium called the E-Matrix. It is the main objective of this proposal to design and perform experiments to confirm the existence absolute motion in the E-Matrix.

This paper is aka \"Cosmology Based On Absolute Motion\".