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SHOOBDRULLER, Past and Future

Peter K?mmel
Pages: 7
Keywords: Antigravity, Magnetic Propulsion

"Model Railroading" in the fifties generated various developments to repair electro motors of locomotives, equipped even with flywheels. Besides the application or aprecision mechanical lathe, several hundred motors of various kinds and varieties have been purchased. Since the 60-ies Shoobdruller Devices, also involving precessional functions, were constructed. This inc1udedthe application of Meridian Compass Gyros like those of Arma Brown England. They serve for multidimensionalrotation of counter spinningmasses since the 80s.

Characteristics of Shoobdruller:

Transforming rotation energy (Drall) into thrust (Schub). Proven experimentally, this method also works in Space, where no gas stands are available. Up to now, exc1usivelyexisting propelling systems in space need gas for mass-expel; (chemical ones [V2, Saturn] as weIl as Ion Drives [Xenon Gas]). If the tank is empty, thrust generationbecomes zero. The new Shoobdrullers
only need electricity for thrust generation.