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Chapter 5, Part A: Problems with the All Pervading Ether Hypothesis

Jeff Alford
Year: 2008 Pages: 11
Keywords: Aether
Examines the logical inconsistencies in the All Pervading Ether Hypothesis. Specifically, the all pervading Ether hypothesis is created to uphold the notion that (1)wave implies medium, at the expense of dismissing (2) apparent experimental evidence to the contrary (electromagnetic waves travel through empty space). However, (1) arises from a macroscopic view of waves, whereas (2) is experimentally found down to the atomic level. In order to uphold the notion that macroscopic phenomenon is the result of microscopic phenomenon (and not vice versa), it is proposed that we uphold (2), at the expense of abandoning (1). This paper presumes that the reader has already read my paper on ?A Brief Overview of SRT? and another paper ?Light Isotropy-Theory and Experiment?. A wholly contained argument on why The All Pervading Ether Hypothesis is untenable is provided in Appendix 1. The last sentence in the appendix outlines the argument. Appendix 2 draws a distinction between the type of ether discussed in this paper and the type of ether discussed in another one of my papers ?Propagation Geometry and Propagation Character-Two issues or One Issue?.