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A Modification of the Schwartschild Solution for Einstein's Field Equations that Radically Changes Big Bang Theory

Roland L. Hron
Year: 1999
Keywords: Schwartschild Solution, Einstein's Field Equations, Big Bang
If the Schwarzchild solution for Einstein's field equations were modified very slightly black hold theory and the big bang theory would have to change completely while all of the observed anomalies predicted by his solution at long distances from a central mass object would still be correctly predicted. If one takes the position that the proximity of a mass object is not "empty space" then the requirement that the metric be invariant under the time reversal, t -> -t, does not hold there. The result is a new metric which approaches the Schwarzchild metric as the distance from a central mass object increases. One consequence of this modification is that if a mass object smaller than its event horizon existed. its event horizon would be at MC/c2 rather than 2MC/c2 and nothing could get inside it because G becomes zero at the horizon and is negative inside it. There are no singularities. Depending on how one looks at it, time either stops or the velocity of light goes to zero at the event horizon.