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The Universe Began as a Great Fire, Not a "Big Bang"

James Carter
Year: 1999
Keywords: Universe, Big Bang
The assumption is made that the universe began not as an exploding singularity but as the result of the joining together of two separate entities. After this initial union, a long series of division occurred from which the matter present in the universe today emerged. As this very orderly process of creation is examined in detail, many of the universe's mysteries can be easily explained. Among these are:
  • The lack of antimatter in the universe.
  • The 183611 mass ratio between the proton and electron.
  • The enormous energy of some cosmic rays.
  • The new explanation of the cosmological red shift.
  • The origins of the powerful gamma ray bursts.
  • The origin of the 2.7K Cosmic Background Radiation.
  • A new explanation of quasar red shifts.
  • The identity and meaning of the gravitational constant.