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The Universe is Rotating, Not Flying Apart

Robert L. Stilmar
Year: 1999
Keywords: Universe, Rotation
Dr. Albert C. Crehore, with his all-nuclear atom, established that material particles can approach each other to a minimum distance of approximately 10.13 centimeters. This rules out any 'Big Ban' in the creation of the Uni verse. He also established that all radiation is the result of an electron being ejected from an atom to a certain distance, and then returning. But in this process, the only reasonable mechanism to create a velocity 'c' of the resulting photons is an annihilation of material particles with this internal velocity, created in an ether. The ejected and returning electron does this. The ether is entrained by any large mass object, so a star moving radically, or transversely, with the same velocity, would create identical photons which are red-shifted as they enter the normal, static ether. This red-shift has been erroneously taken as exclusive evidence of an expanding, rather than a rotating Universe. The Hubble Constant is now the fixed angular velocity of the Universe, connecting the transverse velocity of its parts with their distance from its center.