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Inertial Systems, Reference Frames and the Lorentz Transformations in a Gravitational Field

Roland L. Hron
Year: 1999
Keywords: Inertial System, Reference Frame, Lorentz Transformation, Gravitational Field
If two inertial systems or reference frames in the vicinity of the same mass gravitational reference are moving in a straight line relative to each other at least one of them must be accelerating relative to that gravitational reference. Since the universe is defined by its mass objects it is the contention of this presentation that Lorentz transformations cannot be applied to "non-accelerating reference frames" moving at constant velocity relative to each other anywhere in the universe. 1t further shows that the Lorentz transformations are not covariant but are on way relationships relative to fixed gravitational reference points in space. The empirical evidence that appears to support the covariance of the Lorentz transformations also support the one way hypothesis since the experiments and observations were mostly made in the Earth' s gravitational field.