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Change of Characteristics of the Light Source at its Movement Relatively Receiver

Joseph J. Smulsky
Year: 2009 Pages: 6
Keywords: light source, movement, relatively, receiver, laws of electromagnetism, Doppler effect, aberration
The influence of light source on the receiver as electromagnetic interaction is considered. The mechanical influence of the moving charged body on motionless one is defined by the experimental laws of electrodynamics. These laws determine the changes of parameters of the light source which moves relatively the receiver. The laws of change of light frequency and its direction of the moving source are derived from the laws of electromagnetism. At small velocity of source movement they coincide with classical results: the Doppler effect and phenomenon of aberration. The interaction of the source and receiver depends only on their velocity of movement relatively each other. There is no world medium, the relative movement to which would influence on the characteristics of light source.