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On the Impossibility of Relativity, Classical or "Special"

A. Seifert
Year: 1987
Keywords: impossibility, relativity, classical or special, absolute space, rotational space, velocities
It is shown that only Newton's absolute space fits the theory and the facts. Arbitrary independent "inertial frames" as proposed by Mach cannot exist. The unique absolute zero rotational velocity frame of reference, or absolute rotational space, is easily observed. Considering the sphere at infinity, absolute rotational space implies absolute translational space. The fact that distant stars appear fixed on the celestial sphere means that a unique zero velocity frame, or absolute space, exists. Integrals of the motion involving velocities, such an kinetic energy mv2/2 and momentum mv (for Newtonian mechanics), must be uniquely specified to conserve energy and momentum for the one and only universe as a whole; thus, velocities must be uniquely specified; or absolute space exists. Direct experimental observations with light confirm the existence of absolute space. An experiment is proposed using non-Newtonian mechanics to detect absolute space.