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Physics and Technology of the Phenomenon of Space Power Generation

Paramahamsa Tewari
Year: 1989
Keywords: physics, technology, phenomenon, space power generation
Scientific debates on the nature of space (absolute vaccum) around the start of this century took a general view that space serves to transmit fields (electromagnetic, gravitational) and, beyond that, it has no independent existence of its own as an entity that can generate energy in some form which enables it to be termed as a "real" physical entity.  In other words, the generally accepted position then taken was that space is an empty extension of "nothingness" without any physical attributes in which fields are somehow transmitted at enormous speed. Many refutations to the above view both experimental and theoretical, and claims on the existence of either, that is, space with physical attributes, could not provide an alternate theory so as to change the widely accepted position of non-physical nature of space.