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Errors of Physics Entrenched for Decades ? Plus Corrections

Martin M?ller
Year: 2005
Keywords: second law of thermodynamics, Maxwell's equations, Lorentz force law, Planck's constant

The following notions or conceptions introduced into the teachings of physics between approximately the 1860?s and the 1970?s will be considered, and their correctness investigated.

  1. The Second Law of thermodynamics
  2. Maxwell?s equations (of the 1860?s)
  3. The Lorentz force law
  4. Planck?s constant (1900)
  5. Models of the elementary particles and atoms (by J.J. Thompson)
  6. The theory of relativity (1900?s)
  7. Electron movement in atoms
  8. Black holes
  9. The proton (1910?s)
  10. The Pauli principle
  11. The de-Broglie wave
  12. Three different quantum mechanics
  13. The Heisenberg relation (1920?s)
  14. The neutron
  15. The neutrino
  16. The strong nuclear interaction (1930?s-40?s)
  17. Atom diameters
  18. The M?ssbauer effect (1950?s)
  19. Feynman graphs
  20. Quantum chromodynamics (1960?s)

Practically all cited items or complexes would, for a thorough treatment, require chains of equations as well as graphical displays.  The author refrains from offering any in the present paper, since they are available in his books.