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A Simplified Repetition of Silvertooth's Measurement of the Absolute Velocity of the Solar System

Paul Wesley
Stefan Marinov
Year: 1987
Keywords: Silvertooth's experiment, absolute velocity, solar system, rotating axle

I [Stefan Marinov] carried out Silvertooth's experiment in a substantially different arrangement which simplifies enormously its execution. I obtained in January 1987 the following figures for the absolute velocity of the Solar System and for the equatorial coordinates of its apex: v = 386 [] 38 km/s, [] = - 22o [] 6o, and a = 12.5h [] 0.5h. This result is in agreement with Silvertooth's result, my own results using a rotating axle, the coupled mirrors experiment and the toothed-wheels experiment, and the result of the 2.7oK thermal cosmic background anisotropy.