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On the General Solution to Einstein\'s Vacuum Field for the Point-Mass when lambda ???0 and Its Consequences for Relativistic Cosmology
Year: 2005
Keywords: Einstein's Vacuum Field, Point-Mass, Relativistic Cosmology
  • Independent researcher in theoretical astrophysics
    (General Relativity)

    From the author's webpage:

    In about March 2003 I formally commenced part-time candidature for the PhD in the School of Physics at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia, under the supervision of Professor John K. Webb. The support supervisor was Professor Michael Ashley. I was initially engaged in the development of a computer simulation program in relation to Extra-Solar Planets.

    About a year later I began work on General Relativity as a sideline. After a few months I came up with a result that proved black holes inconsistent with General Relativity. I presented this to Professor Webb. He was initially enthusiastic, and even arranged for me to deliver a lecture to his undergraduate General Relativity class. Before my informing him, Webb had never heard of Schwarzschild's original solution.

    Read the entire story of my explusion from UNSW at: http://www.sjcrothers.plasmaresources.com/PhD.html

    Sgt A* has been carefully studied by the astronomers Gillessen, Genzel and Eisenhaur, of the Max Planck Institute of Extraterrestrial Physics, and they too have proposed a black hole there. However, in correspondence with them (Gillessen their spokesman), they admitted to me, in writing, that not only did they not find a black hole at Sgt A*, but that nobody has ever found a black hole anywhere, contrary to the claims for black holes having been found all over the place. I made their admissions public here: www.sjcrothers.plasmaresources.com/Gillessen.html