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Unification Based on Astronomical Quantization and Earth Expansion

Martin Kokus
Year: 2005
Keywords: earth expansion, astronomical quantization, matter creation
Certain controversial phenomena and non-standard theories may unify into a more coherent unified theory of natural phenomena than the current accepted paradigms. If the quantization of astronomical red shift, masses and angular momentum as well as a secular increase in earth radius which is too great to be explained by standard physics are accepted as real; then the quest for unification is greatly simplified. All of the standard approaches are eliminated. The author will discuss his and others attempts to seek common ground between the two heresies. The discussion will include Barut?s leptonic theory of matter and spherical rotation. The author is keenly interested is others suggestions for resolving these paradoxes, especially the creation of matter without the parallel creation of antimatter that both phenomena seem to require. Please consider the above presentation for evaluation by the NPA community. Since I presented the precursor at Storrs in 2000, I have received more positive feedback on it than anything else that I?ve done.