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A Counter Example of Einstein's Covariance Principle

Chung Y. Lo
Year: 2009 Pages: 11
Recently, calculation of the deflection angle to the second order also shows gauge invariance in mathematics. Nevertheless, careful analysis shows that this calculation actually implies that the theory is intrinsically not gauge invariant since, for each gauge, the shortest distance r0 from the sun center is different from that for another gauge. Some argued that r0 is just a label, but not a physical quantity. This is directly in conflict with Einstein's calculation that the deflection angle is 4KM/r0, where M is the total mass of the sun and K = G/c2 = 7.425x10-29 cm/g. Thus, r0 is not just a label. Hence, Einstein's covariance principle is intrinsically not valid in physics. Thus, logical maturity is currently a major problem in general relativity.