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Quantum Gravity and the Structure of the Electron

Robert J. Heaston
Year: 2005
Keywords: quantum gravity, general relativity, curvature of electron
The special issue of Scientific American for September 2004 on ?Beyond Einstein? can be summarized in four words: ?Physics needs new theories.? Eleven times, the request was for a theory of quantum gravity/relativity. It would appear from a review of the litera-ture that what is desired is some collaboration between Planck?s quantum and gravity/relativity. Much of the work has been at the Planck scale where the quantum may be associated with the Einstein field equations of general relativity. However, Hawking and Penrose suggest that quantum gravity may also occur at the curvature of the electron. An interesting coupling does occur if it is as-sumed that an electron has a surface that spins constantly at the speed of light. In this case, it is hypothesized that quantum gravity is defined by the quantized relativistic changes in mass-energy during translation that vary in lockstep with quantized spin compensation to keep the angular velocity of an electron constant at the speed of light. Several pieces of information are brought together to support this hypothesis.