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Consequences of the Redefinition of the Four Fundamental Forces

Robert J. Heaston
Year: 2005
Keywords: gravitational force, electromagnetic force, strong force, weak force
The four fundamental forces are normally known as the gravitational force, electromagnetic force, strong force, and the weak force. These forces have so many differences in physical characteristics that very complex mathematics is required to unify two or more of them. If it is assumed that the familiar Einstein and Planck energy functions actually represent the potential energies of fundamental forces, then the four fundamental forces may be redefined as the gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, and the quantum force laws. Three of these forces are inverse square and one is inverse linear. These redefined forces interact to yield over 100 functions of physics. Moreover, the quantum is introduced directly into the concept of force. Five different approaches may be used to derive these forces, but that is not the intent here. The objective of this paper is to take the big picture approach and identify pieces missing in the current understanding of the design of the universe. Whether this approach is valid or not, some interesting consequences are revealed that may be pursued by other paths.