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Observation of Ether Drift in Experiments with Geostationary Satellites

Eugene I. Shtyrkov
Year: 2005
Keywords: ether drift, geostationary satellites
The ether drift due to motion of the Earth has been discovered in the process of tracking of a geostationary satellite. The average annual velocity of the orbital component of the ether drift found to be 29.4 km/s that almost coincides with the known value of orbital velocity of the Earth (29.765 km/s). Parameters of galactic motion of the solar system have also been measured and obtained values are 2700 for apex right ascension (in astronomic literature-269.9830), 89.60 for apex declination (Dec=51.300 in astronomy) and 600 km/s for velocity of Sun?s system. Such results are direct evidence of fact that velocity of the uniformly moving system can be measured with a device in which the source of radiation (geostationary satellite) and detector (antenna of the telescope) are fixed with respect to each other and the system itself. Evidently, this can be considered as a final refutation of the special relativity theory.