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Wave-Particle Dualism in Special Relativity

John-Erik Persson
Year: 2009 Pages: 5
Keywords: Stellar aberration, Sagnac effect, special relativity, Michelson-Morley.
Special relativity (SRT) rests upon mainly two phenomena: stellar aberration and Michelson-Morley's experiment (MMX). Both phenomena appears to be interpreted mainly in the particle model for light. An alternative interpretation, based on the wave model including the property of transverse waves to conserve orientation in relation to changes in the ether-wind, is done. This renders both phenomena as silent in relation to the ether's state of motion. Since Sagnac effect is caused by translational motion, the effect on a rotating circle is the same as on a straight line in translational motion. This fact means that the effect is easily described, and that Sagnac effect in GPS (Global Positioning System) can give information about the ether's state of motion. A conflict between stellar aberration and entrained ether is here found to be wrong. An other conflict between entrained translation and not entrained rotation is given a possible explanation, which is of interest although not a proof.