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Unified Theory Abstracts

Rati Ram Sharma
Year: 2009 Pages: 36
Keywords: Unified Theory, Relativity, Quantum Theory, Sharmon Medium, Cosminos
The Unified Theory (UT) (Upgraded & enlarged UNIFIED PHYSICAL THEORY, UPT) for the first time presents a single ?unified' alternative to the current theories of Relativity, Quantum, Quarks, Higgs, String, Supersymmetry, Electroweak theories, and goes beyond. The 'light-wave' exists in its propagating medium, the new real 'sharmon medium' (SM), as the 'basic substance', composed by the new particle 'sharmon' named after this author (Sharma). Sharmon is made of two basic elements, positive positrino and negative negatrino called 'cosminos' as they also compose all forms of mass (m), energy (E) and radiation in the Cosmos for their interconversions via. eqn. E= mc2. UT has only two elements (positrino, negatrino), two basic charges (mass, electric) and two fundamental forces (gravitational, electromagnetic).

The space and time are mere abstract concepts evolving from our perceptions of successive motions & changes in the surroundings. Two abstracts cannot fuse into any concrete spacetime continuum that if existent would retard & prevent motions of heavenly bodies and even photon to propagate light through it, which is not actually observed. Therefore UT discards all multi-dimensional spacetime continua. The quarks theory with Supersymmetry has over 200 elementary particles none of which satisfies the definition of ?element' that composes others but is itself non-composite. In UT mass of a particle is its innate property. So it rejects massless and mass generating Higgs particles as flawed concepts. UT also rejects weak & colour charges; weak & strong forces and strings. Sharmon Medium explains bending of light due to gravity and results of Gravity Probes A & B. Constancy and invariance to source-observer motion of light velocity c (assumed but not explained by Special Relativity) as also observed variability of c (which invalidates Relativity) are explained. UT explains wave-quantum unity for radiation and matter, which Quantum Theory (QT) unrealistically splits into wave-or-quantum dualities. UT gives dynamic cosmino-sharmon compositions, free from the g and ? anomalies, of electron, proton & neutron. UT opposes QT's Uncertainty Principle, relativity's contraction of objective length due to observer motion, massless photon & neutrino. No Fermion is neutral.

Since redshifts do not increase exponentially with time, universe is NOT expanding. UT's Non-expanding Universe explains all observation, even on Ia type Supernovae. UT proposes new Principle of Null Action, molecular intelligence & molecular Homoeopathy, Science-Philosophy Symbiosis, new Intraspecies Evolution, showing descendance of man not from ape but man, &c.