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A New Concept About Space Energy from the Point of View of BSM ? Supergravitation Unified Theory

Stoyan Sarg
Year: 2009 Pages: 22
Keywords: gravity
According to Basic Structures of Matter ? Supergravitation unified theory (BSM-SG), at the fundamental base of the observable Universe are two super dense Fundamental Particles (FP) associated with the Planck's scale and interacting by Supergravitational (SG) forces that are inverse proportional to the cube of distance. The SG forces allow congregations into hierarchical levels of 3D formations with rich vibrational properties. One type of formations builds a superfine structure of the space called a Cosmic Lattice (CL). The distance between individual CL nodes is in order of 1E-20 (m). Other types of formations are imbedded in the material structure of the elementary particles. The CL structure defines the space-time and QM properties of the physical vacuum and it is involved in the propagation of the electrical, magnetic and gravitational fields. The CL structure contains two types of Zero Point Energies (ZPE) ? a Static ZPE and a Dynamic ZPE. The Dynamic ZPE permits the existence of Electric and Magnetic fields, so this energy is predicted by Quantum Mechanics. Its signature according to BSM-SG is the Cosmic Background Temperature of 2.7K. The Static ZPE is defined as a pressure of the CL structure on impenetrable volume of the elementary particles. It is 6.8E22 times greater than the Dynamic ZPE, however, it is not of EM type and cannot be envisioned if considering that the space is void according to the space concept adopted in Contemporary Physics. In atomic nucleus the Static ZPE is in balance with the nuclear binding energy that is behind the strong forces between the protons and neutrons. This is the energy given by the Einstein equation E = mc2, where m is the mass deficiency. The Static ZPE energy is the fundamental source for the nuclear energy and all types of energies in the observable Universe.
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