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A Consideration of Torsion and Coriolis Effects in Einstein's Field Equations

Nassim Haramein
Year: 2003
American Physical Society Conference?, Session S10 - Poster Session, October 24, 2003 Cochise, Memorial Union, Arizona State University. Recent observation of distant acceleration of observed supernovae and other cosmological objects lead to deviation from the usual Hubble's constant, and resulted in the reintroduction of a nonzero cosmological constant in order to not only explain cosmological acceleration but also to formulate a model of galactic, stellar and other cosmological rotational structures. We introduce a variable form of Lambda (M_4) where M_4 is the four dimensional Minkowski space. We also introduce additional terms in the stress energy tensor which accommodates torsion and the coriolis forces reconciling the new terms with the properties of the inhomogeneous Lorentz transformations which are made so as to preserve the affine connections. Discussions are made about the implications of galactic, supernovae, etc. structures; also proper frame of reference is considered in detail.