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Spinning Charged Ring Model of Electron Yielding Anomalous Magnetic Moment

David L. Bergman
Paul Wesley
Year: 1990
Keywords: spinning charged ring, electron, anomalous magnetic moment, mass, charge, magnetic moment
A uniformly charged spinning ring is proposed as a model for the electron. Four parameters, the radius of the ring R, the half-thickness r, the total charge e, and the tangential velocity c are chosen to yield the four electron characteristics, the mass m, the charge e, the spin h/2, and the magnetic moment []e. The model is completely stable under electromagnetic forces alone. The twice classical value for the gyromagnetic ratio is explained. The size of the electron equals the rationalized Compton wavelength, and the frequency of rotation equals the Compton frequency. The model yields to a higher order approximation the anamalous magnetic moment in agreement with observation.